Loving your work!

This is the ethos of Acoustic Moon's approach to Musicians, Artists and Multi-Act Events and Festivals.  We appreciate all the hard work that goes with being a creative musician, so we work with you to make your experience, and that of your audience, the very best that it can be.

We have experience of large-scale festivals, like Wilderness - OK we may not be running the main stage, but when you hit the big time, we may be there with you!  In the meantime, we look for the opportunities to maximise your performance potential in the venue space to the audience.  Our stage technicians will be working with you to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible; from load-in to load-out.

We're lucky, we have a great team, modern technology, good ears and a 'can do' attitude.  We specialise in Acoustic Sound Re-enforcement - this is our core strength - delicate, detailed, authentic and original.  From this base-level appreciation everything gets the same attention to detail, no matter what the genre of music.

AML Group have worked with some amazing talent across multiple genres of music, in a wide-variety of venue spaces.

  • Bristol Folk Festival
  • Wilderness Festival
  • Sausage Festival
  • PitFest
  • Salisbury Arts Centre
  • Rook Lane Chapel, Frome
  • Neeld Hall, Chippenham
  • The Laverton, Westbury
  • Metropolis Recording Studios, London
  • Assembly Rooms, Bath

Artists include;

  • The Tribe
  • Imperial Leisure
  • SubGiant
  • Candy Apple Blue
  • Kioko
  • Professor Elemental
  • Captain Accident
  • Fairport Convention
  • Spiers & Boden
  • Gigspanner
  • Martha Tilston
  • The Intercepteurs
  • Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman
  • Hannah Martin & Philip Henry
  • Chris Wood
  • Jane Taylor & The JT Band
  • The Full English
  • The Changing Room
  • Sam Kelly
  • Leveret
  • Charlie Dore & Julian Littman
  • Tantz
  • Chris Wood
  • Jess Vincent
  • Emily Baker
  • Vince Freeman
  • My Baby
  • The Members
  • Jeremiah Ferrari
  • Steve Howe
  • Bloc Off The Wall
  • and the list goes on...and on.... and on!

 If you are interested in working with us on your next music event or festival; please get in touch through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., facebook or twitter or the old fashioned dog and bone...on 0845 867 5679.

Wilderness - The Club House
AML Group Live! at The Club House, Wilderness 2015